What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is a chemical compound that belongs to the stilbene family and naturally occurs in plants, particularly in small berries, grapes, and nuts. It shares a structural resemblance with resveratrol; however, pterostilbene is more fat-soluble, bioavailable, and easily absorbed by the body. As an antioxidant with potential anti-inflammatory properties, pterostilbene effectively combats free radicals and reduces oxidative stress, with some indications of mimicking the benefits of calorie restriction‚ÄĒan approach linked to slowing the aging process.

Additionally, pterostilbene may activate SIRT1, a sirtuin known to regulate DNA repair, cellular metabolism, inflammation, and stress response. SIRT1 activity is closely tied to the availability of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme involved in various cellular processes. Supplementing with pterostilbene may indirectly increase NAD+ levels, which in turn enhances SIRT1 activity and may promote longevity, healthy aging, and prevention of health conditions and diseases.

Backed by Science

Rejuve+ Health Products rely on up-to-date peer-reviewed scientific research to maximize the effects of our supplements.

Boost Cognitive Function

Support brain health with a pterostilbene supplement and potentially preserve cognitive function to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Manage Weight

Combat excess weight gain with pterostilbene. Supplement with pterostilbene in combination with nutrition and exercise can potentially prevent and reverse obesity.

Promote Longevity

Activating sirtuins, particularly SIRT1, with a pterostilbene supplement helps promote DNA repair and improve metabolism. This contributes to healthy aging and increased lifespan.

Is Pterostilbene Safe?

Yes! Pterostilbene is generallyed considered safe to consume since it is a natural compound that is found in certain plants, including blueberries, grapes, and some tree barks. Here are reasons why pterostilbene is safe:

  1. Studies show pterostilbene is safe to consume up to 250 mg a day
  2. Relatively few reported adverse effects or safety concerns with pterostilbene us
  3. Shares structural similarities with resveratrol, which has been extensively studied for safety and health effects
  4. Naturally occurring compound that is safe to consume in supplements

As with any anti aging supplement, individual responses can vary. Choose a reputable supplement brand and consult a healthcare professional before using health products with pterostilbene.

PQQ Supports the 9 Hallmarks of Aging

Combining pterostilbene in an¬†NMN supplement¬†will produce a synergistic effect to target all 9 hallmarks of aging.¬†NMN¬†is the base of our Rejuve+‚ĄĘ NMN21000 health product, along with¬†Spermidine,¬†PQQ, and¬†Pterostilbene.¬†

  • Genomic Instability: reduce DNA damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Telomere Attrition: support telomere length preservation
  • Epigenetic Alterations: help modulate cellular processes
  • Loss of Proteostasis: maintain proper protein folding
  • Deregulated Nutrient Sensing: balance nutrient sensing pathways
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction: protect mitochondria from oxidative damage
  • Cellular Senescence: promote healthier cell populations
  • Stem Cell Exhaustion: reduce oxidative stress to maintain healthy stem cells
  • Altered Intercellular Communication: reduce inflammation for healthy communication between cells
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