Supplement Brand Addressing the Root Causes of Aging

Everything we do is rooted in the belief that the best way to address aging is through science-backed NMN supplements. With Rejuve+, you're not just getting an anti-aging supplement; you're getting the culmination of cutting-edge research to slow down aging at the cellular level. Let our supplement brand help you redefine aging for a healthier life.

Made By Us

Safety is our responsibility and always our number one priority! We take full control of the production process for our NMN supplements. Every step, from formulation to manufacturing, is carried out by us in our GMP-compliant facility located in Canada.

Third-Party Tested

Certified and independent laboratories test each production batch for substance, purity, and safety. Our third-party testing process ensures that every capsule of NMN meets the highest standards of quality and safety before reaching your hands.

Premium Ingredients

We combine research-backed, premium ingredients in our NMN supplement. NMN, PPQ, Spermidine, and Pterostilbene make up our 4in1 formula. Each component is chosen for its unique, long-term potential to support your health and anti-aging goals.


We only launch products that are backed by scientific evidence, not just beliefs or anecdotes. Your health is too important to rely on anything without scientific backing, and that's what we provide ‚Äď NMN products you can trust, supported by real science.

About Rejuve+

Aging is hard on our bodies. Whether working out, running a business, organizing the house, or working on hobbies, we each have our own routines that can change with the effects of aging.

Faced with the reality of accelerated aging, slow metabolism, and low energy levels, we decided to set out on a personal search for anti aging supplements to combat the root causes of aging.

Here's what we found: supplementing with NMN to increase NAD+ levels in our bodies can reduce age-related decline. But what we discovered on the market were low quality NMN supplements with no certificates to verify purity levels.

This is where Rejuve+ began.

Our proudly Canadian supplement brand is driven by a singular mission: to craft nutritional and natural NMN supplements that are firmly grounded in approved and scientifically proven research. Our health supplements are certified and contain NMN with a purity of 99.99%.
Feel more youthful and get back to your regular routine with an NMN supplement.

Based on Real Science

Rejuve+ Calming & De-Stress Chewable Tablets leverage a precise combination of scientifically proven ingredients to support mental well-being. L-Theanine, an amino acid abundant in tea leaves, enhances relaxation without sedation by modulating neurotransmitter activity. GABA, another neurotransmitter, regulates anxiety responses, promoting a sense of tranquility. Ashwagandha Extract, an adaptogen with a history in Ayurvedic medicine, combats stress and boosts mood by moderating cortisol levels. Additionally, Vitamin D3 contributes to cognitive function and mood regulation. Together, these elements form a comprehensive formula aimed at promoting focus, reducing stress, and nurturing mental resilience. By targeting key neurotransmitters and stress hormones, Rejuve+ Chewable Tablets provide a scientifically grounded approach to achieving serene concentration and unwavering calmness, empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges with clarity and composure.

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Live Longer With NMN Supplements

Unlock the potential of a longer, healthier life with NMN supplements. Our approach is simple: we don't just mask the signs of aging; we target their root causes with our 4in1 formula for a synergistic effect. Replenishing your NAD+ levels with Rejuve+‚ĄĘ NMN21000 and boost your energy, cognitive clarity, and cellular function.

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Feel the Difference With Rejuve+

Experiencing fatigue or reduced mental and physical health? Start your day right with NMN supplements! Backed by rigorous scientific research, our anti-aging health supplements are designed to support you in feeling your best at every stage of life. As an online Canadian supplement store, we stand behind our:

  • Capsules containing the highest-grade NMN
  • Team of experts, health professionals, and scientists
  • Safe and effective supplements for long-time use
  • Claims supported by clinical data and science
  • Standards of quality and freshness

Support a better, healthier version of yourself with Rejuve+ health products.

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