Guaranteed Best Quality

Guaranteed Best Quality

Purchasing supplements can be overwhelming and raise several concerns, whether you're buying them online or in-store. You may wonder about the safety of the supplements and whether they contain the advertised molecules. Additionally, you may question the scientific evidence supporting the claims made by some brands.

Safety, Purity, and Effectiveness: What You Need to Know About Supplements

When it comes to buying supplements, safety should be the top priority. This means considering whether the product is safe for human consumption, if it's free from contaminants like heavy metals, and if it interacts with other drugs or supplements. For instance, while molecules like NMN and resveratrol are present in foods we eat, the dose in supplements is much higher, and heavy metal contamination is a risk. Luckily, both molecules have been studied extensively and are deemed safe at recommended dosages.

Purity is also a crucial factor to consider. Many brands don't contain the ingredients in the advertised amounts or have lower purity levels. The best way to ensure a high level of purity is to run tests on the supplements, and we work with third-party labs to validate the claims of our suppliers.

Effectiveness is another important factor. Claims made about supplements should be backed by scientific research, and we work with scientific advisors to understand these studies. Bioavailability is another crucial factor that is often overlooked, referring to the ability of a supplement to be absorbed by the body. NMN has good bioavailability, while resveratrol is harder to absorb and should be taken with fatty foods or in enteric capsules. By considering safety, purity, and effectiveness, consumers can make informed decisions when buying supplements.


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